Çarşamba, Ağustos 26, 2009


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"dolores today announced the official reunion of the cranberries leading off with a tour starting in november. no news was announced relating to a new cranberries album, as dolores' efforts for the moment are focused on her solo release, no baggage, which hits shelves worldwide this week."

kaynak: http://www.doloresoriordan.ie

"the day that many of us thought we would never see, is finally here, and cranberries.com couldn't be happier to announce the news. dolores o'riordan and the original members of the cranberries have announced that they will reform for the first time in nearly seven years for a live tour. 'i've decided to reunite with my former band members in the cranberries and we will be writing new songs and performing tracks off my new album as well as our greatest hits during the shows. i'd love to see you out there.' o'riordan stated."

kaynak: http://www.cranberries.com